Friday, October 28, 2011

Good things come in small packages.

I snuck out for a quick trip to Riverton before the impending Nor'Easter and nymphed for a little while using a March brown anchor, that I tied, with an orange egg trailing. The egg was the ticket with the juvenile salmon as they struck so aggressively.
This size was plentiful today and every area of water that I worked brought them out to play. I changed back and forth from the egg to other trailers in hopes of luring something a little larger to net but to no avail. I put the egg back on and the action began again.

The lower photo is the catch of the day, around 7". It was tough today, I was in sight of numerous anglers, up and downstream, an no one seemed to be having much luck. While it was a bit windy and cold, the water temp was actually pretty comfortable but it seemed like all the larger fish were either in hiding or just not feeding. Then there is the possible scenario that is was me...naaaahhhh :)

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