Monday, October 24, 2011

" Fall " Mornings

You may wonder why a portion of this entry is in quotations and you are wise to be wondering as such...Greg and I headed out for our first early Monday morning trip in quite a while. What started out as a  dark, 35 degree morning slowly emerged into a crisp New England fall dawn.

As Greg is new to fly fishing, I was content to hang out this morning and pass along some of the modest pointers I have picked up these past couple years, while enjoying the cool morning air. We were hanging out in some very "fishy" waters that had been productive for me  earlier in the season...the big difference is the water was much lower as it's still flowing pretty good in this spot. It was wild to see all the debris in the trees, an indication of just how high this water has been over the course of the summer.

After a bit, Greg was kind enough to hand off the rod and I threw a few casts, trying to get the flies down fast. About a dozen or so casts in and I was rewarded with a nice brown.

What made this even more fun was the fact that I was actually able to get a picture of me with a fish for a change.

Having a limited amount of time, we released our catch and I turned the rod back over to Greg. A few more casts and we decided to move down river a bit. Now, here's where the quotations come into play...I had just stepped onto the bank when I hear an unusual but familiar sound and I turn to see Greg bent over in the water, 1 arm up to the shoulder for his first Farmington River Baptism. I've taken a few dunks myself this year and, fortunately, they were all warm weather dips. However, kudos to my fishing partner, while he may not have realized it at the time, he did a good job protecting the rod while he himself was partially submerged. Until next Monday...

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