Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This is what PTO days are for...

Have had the serious fishing bug lately and the Farmington, with the exception of this past weekend, has been higher than I care to fish.

Decided to take a PTO day from the office and head out to Cornwall and spend the day on the Housy. 

What an absolutely perfect day! Started out in the upper 50's around 9am and went into the middle 60's by mid-day. Blue skies, sparse clouds and virtually no wind. Even better was that lack of other anglers. I'm guessing most got their fix over the long Columbus Day weekend.

Ok, so on to the fishing. Worked the area above the campground and Carse Brook and was greeted by lots of Rainbows...I am guessing all recently stocked as they were about 12" models. I love Rainbows because they are feisty and put on a nice acrobatic show, no matter what size they are.

Caught around 10 or so of this size bow in a couple of spots that were new to me. What a great day just to get out and explore some new water. Moved up river, north of the covered bridge and settled into some riffled water. This was the first spot were I encountered a few other anglers. I dropped into a spot between 2 guys who seemed to be chucking streamers. Within my first 1/2 dozen casts, I was into a nice brown...note the green elastomer behind the eye. I'll have to look up and see when this color was stocked. Not a great picture but this guy put up a fight. What made this even better was the look I got from the 2 guys who were chucking the streamers...

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