Saturday, October 22, 2011


Having started to tie my own flies, I've come up with some variations of what I started out intending to tie. Allow me to present the Root Beer Float:

I caught my my first fish on flies that I tied yesterday during a quick run by the Housy. My version of the Strolis March Brown Anchor and my Root Beer Float each nabbed a rainbow. Needless to say, there is some satisfaction that you receive from tying a fly that actually lands a fish.

The conditions where fair yesterday, I thought they would be much better than what I actually found. The wind was just steady enough to make nymphing difficult. However, I did manage to land several decent bows.

Housatonic Guide Rob Nicholas, pictured below with client, floated by during the afternoon.

I wish I had a chance to ask him how he gets that dog of his to stay so mellow in the drift boat...my 2 Labs would be all over the place :)

The day ended with a couple of my neighbors, Greg and Paul, coming over to hang out while our wive's  scrap booked at another house. As we three are fans of the hot and spicy, I whipped up the artery busting Buffalo Chicken Dip.

 This coupled with some assorted Sam Adams made for a nice evening...all in all, a good day.

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