Monday, October 3, 2011

Candy store follow up.

For this first time in quite a while, I was skunked today. Spent a little time above Riverton this morning and, even with the Rock candy larva leading the charge, I couldn't manage to find a willing fish. I nymphed all through the water column with no luck.

I did manage to hook one fish shortly before calling for the day but even this one fish seemed determined to   contribute to the shut out effort.

On the plus side, I watched the DEEP stocking truck hit several spots along the river...those spots to be nameless at this time. It's really neat to see the workers pulling fully loaded nets of fish out of the truck tanks and depositing them into their new home.

On the down side, I had my first experience where another angler clearly saw the water I was preparing to target and, as I was changing flies, this genius snuck right into the run, about 30 ft away. Now, given that there was virtually no one else around this morning, I can't believe he could not find another suitable place to wet his line.  While the old me would have enjoyed some verbal sparing, the slightly newer model simply chuckled to myself that this guy was a schmuck and I moved on.

With the water above Riverton around 252cfs, this is still the best best. Levels are slowly receding at the confluence of the Still and Farmington however, if the tributaries start to settle down and the rain subsides for a bit, I wouldn't be surprised to see another potential release from the dam that would make fishing tough.

Nymphing and streamers seem to be the ticket however, I did see a couple sporadic risers today.

Hope springs eternal!

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