Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Double Rainbow.

Having been summoned to the corporate office this week, I decided that, if I had to make the drive down, I would go the more scenic and slightly longer route. Lucky for me, this route takes me down along the Housatonic River. Who am I to pass up an hour on the river these days...

I pulled of at a spot where I had had some previous success, geared up and began my walk thru the woods. It's funny how short stops to fish become so much more when you take the time to enjoy your surroundings. I've seen the oddest tree trunks, mushrooms that look straight out of The Hobbit and animal tracks that leave me looking over my shoulder.

My time spent fishing has become about so much more than the actual fishing itself. While my everyday life requires me to be "plugged in" to a degree and accessible to colleagues in numerous time zones, fishing allows me the opportunity to turn everything off and just look and listen.

Ok, enough of the philosophy...let's talk fish!

My first double Rainbow!

I've had the double happen a bunch of times with smallmouth Bass as they seem to feed indiscriminately. However, I was as giddy as a little boy on Christmas morning when I began to get the first fish in range of the net only to realize the line was still taut and another bow had decided to join the party. Another 4 Rainbows came to net before the action at this location turned off. Sadly, I must admit, I was overzealous trying to land one fish, which I know was the pick of the litter, and it snapped off before I could land it.

I moved about 200 yards down stream to a little riffled water that developed at the end of a small glassy pool and landed a healthy brown that bolted downstream before deciding to cooperate.

As you can see, the leaf hatch was pretty heavy as well. With the exception of discovering the previously mentioned leak in the waders, the brief diversion was just what the doctor ordered. Fall fishing is fast becoming my favorite past time. Get out and fish while the getting is good!

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