Sunday, November 6, 2011

Has it really been a over a week...

Yep, the blog has been a little neglected this past week or so. It's pretty easy for that to have happened given that today is November 6th and we still have no power. Thank goodness for the wood stove insert and the generator purchased by my in-laws as a house-warming gift about 6 years ago.

The storm has had one great upside for me...I am fortunate to live in a town full of decent people. Having only been here a few years, we are still becoming friends with neighbors, our kids school mates, etc. It has been great to see how easily and without hesitation people have opened their doors for my family and others as we all find ourselves riding the wave of no power together. We are fortunate to have some great neighbors and everyone has done what they can to pitch in and make this situation tolerable for all of us. Being a native of Connecticut, I long ago drew a serious affinity New Hampshire, the place I truly consider home. This storm has given me a renewed spirit not for CT, but for those small towns around mine and the people I have met that have reminded me that doors will always be opened in a time of need, you are never truly alone and there is always a time to mend fences.

I will everyone impacted by this storm the best and I can't wait to get back to fishing!!

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