Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A break from the chainsaw.

Allowed myself a small break from all things work today and hustled to the Farmington for a visit. Down in the Collinsville / Burlington area the parking lot of the area I was hoping to fish was closed by the town. I continued further and found myself in an area that I have driven by in the past but never fished. The goal for the day was just to be out enjoying the river for a bit and any fish caught would be a secondary benefit.

Before gearing up, I took a walk along the bank and scouted the water. There was one particular stretch of riffled water between to decent size slow moving pools. If ever I found fishy water, this was it. I fished a small area no greater than 30' long, between the pools, and 15" wide.

Once again, on a self tied March Brown Anchor of all things, 2 beautiful browns came to net.

And gone...

For just a brief time, it was great to be able to tune out the chainsaws, chippers and all the added noises brought to us be Alfred.

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