Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wishin' for fishin'

First things first...I am back in the running for Father of the Year! The new set is awesome and the kids have already been tearing it up.

It's been 30 days since October Storm Alfred paid us a visit and trips to the water were, sadly, limited. My time has been spent picking up the aftermath, not only of the storm, but of the tree work we decided to have done. My wife and I had been planning to do some tree work in the spring however, the storm had one great after-effect,traveling tree companies offering some very attractive prices. Given this opportunity, we moved our tree work to the top of the project list and saved a substantial amount of funds in the process.

The unfortunate consequence of our tree work has been the amount of newly felled trees lying about my back yard.

While I was happy to see most of these trees go, I was saddened at the necessary departure of the tree we  lovingly referred to as the "$2000 tree" based on one of the quotes we received a couple years back for its removal. On a side note, the company we just used for our work did it for $500. You can see the stump in the foreground of the top picture and the large rounds in the center of the lower. This tree was over 110 years old and likely older as it was difficult to count the rings. The stump had a diameter over 40" and the upper portion of the tree carried a lot of weight very near the house.

I've been spending my time trying to take back my yard and address this mess before the snow starts flying. This mess has left me little time to take advantage of the unseasonably warm temps and head to the water. Hopefully, this week will allow me some time to get out and wet a line before we slip back into the cold grips of late fall. At this moment, my fondest hope is for a post, in the very near future, of some hungry little friends...tight lines!

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