Monday, November 14, 2011

Father of the Year...maybe next year...

So my neighbor Paul and I had become fairly proficient at dropping trees that we felt confident enough to tackle one that had lost it's top, which was still hanging on by a thread. While excited, we were in no way approaching this in a cavalier fashion. We planned the notch, planned the landing area and in general, took a slow approach.

The initial notch was made and during the straight cut from behind, the weight shifted and caught the chainsaw in the cut. This saw was not budging. At this point, the proper landing area was out of the question as the urgency shifted to keeping the tree off the house.

When it became clear that the tree was going to go the wrong direction, there was only one way to go...

Oak tree 1, Swing set 0 - and there goes my Father of the Year medal. One the flip side, the tree has since been cut, removed and the space is clear for the delivery of the replacement set on Thursday...amazing how fast I can work when I carry the guilt of trashing the boys swing set.

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