Friday, November 11, 2011

I'd rather be lucky than good...

I've used this phrase on many occasions, in business, on the golf course and elsewhere however, I have never used it more than I have on a river.

I fished for a short time today with TroutI, from Fly-Addict, and we were both having a tough go of it for awhile. TroutI, otherwise known as Pete, only had a couple hours so we hit 2 spots... 1 of his go to spots and 1 of mine in the LTMA. The first area, mine, is where I landed a couple beauties earlier this week. The water was a little higher but not by much and there were still some nice seams to work. We both fished this area thoroughly for an hour with nothing to show for it but wind knots and cold hands.

We moved to Pete's spot and separated a bit and Pete later reported he landed a 10" brown on a black BH Wooly Bugger within his first few casts than struck out for the next 50 minutes. I continued to exceed my limit of large leaves and ended up with a big goose egg...man, was it cold and windy.

At this point, Pete had to take off but I decided to try 1 last stand-by spot that has produced in the past. Here's where the lucky part comes into play :) - I was pretty cold by this point and the wind was getting pretty annoying so I was only going to give it a go for about 15 minutes at the final stop.

I was about to leave and was repositioning for a few final casts and I let my fly drift well beyond the normal swing range for my purposes. I had the rod tucked under my arm and was surveying where my next steps were going to be when I felt a nice pull on my rod.

This guy was fat. He took an orange scud that had drifted so far below me that the fly was almost behind me at this point. In the second photo you can see, near my palm, a little war wound this fish had from some recent battle. After a little revive and some reflection about how enjoyable time on the water is, I watched this brown glide back into the depths and decided that my day was done.

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