Saturday, September 17, 2011

Let the games begin!

Beginning now through mid-October, The CT DEEP will be stocking approximately 30,000 adult trout into Connecticut ponds and rivers. 15,000 adult-size rainbows and 14,500 trophy size browns are in the mix as well as 33,000 " yearling " trout. Yearling are trout in the 6" to 9" range.

The Farmington River flows remain high with 2100cfs at Riverton and the Still River is adding another 140cfs to that number, keeping the flow high. The Housatonic River, which had been unfishable for the past several weeks, continues to drop nicely and is currently running around 1860cfs.

The DEEP stocked the Housy with yearlings and some bows on Friday and the larger browns are expected to be put in next week. Additionally, Housatonic River Outfitters will be moving forward with their private stocking which is done through contributions from anglers and non-anglers alike. To learn more about their private stocking, you can visit their website: www.dryflies.com

As the waters begin to recede and with the addition of the cooler temps, I would expect the fall fishing to be fantastic.

* note that this is not an image from stocking my local waters. this image was taken from the web as an example of methods of putting fish into the waters.

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