Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Farmington 9/27

Even though the USGS flow chart reads 430cfs above Riverton, it certainly felt like the flows were much higher as I was consistently having trouble getting nymphs down deep enough. Struck out in an area that has been producing very well over the last few weeks and I wonder if the fish are really moving around in this higher water.

Fished Ovation solo for the first time today and before catching any fish, I took a nice dunk. Yep, full on, over the waders, water down to my socks. Fortunately, with the humidity is actually felt pretty good.

Shortly after gathering myself from dunk 1, yes, there was a dunk 2 later in the morning, I hooked and landed what turned out to be a red elastomer brown. I wish I had paid more attention to the fish as I don't recall which eye was tagged as this would help me determine when the fish was put into the river. I'm thinking is was the right side...

Current flows are still over 600cfs and today was the first day I wandered around the river and saw, firsthand, how things have changed since Irene came roaring through. Debris fields were amazingly high and in locations that surprised me and it seems like the character of some holes and holding spots that I have previously fished have been changed by the substantial rains we received.

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