Thursday, September 8, 2011

High water, what high water?

I have to give thanks and credit to Rich Strolis for introducing me the the Czech / Euro Nymphing method of fly fishing. Prior to learning this method there were many days when I was skunked. Now, regardless of the conditions, there are very few trips out that I pull the old goose egg.

With all the rain the last fews days I found that, regarding the Farmington, the only positive was that the MDC stopped the releases from the Goodwin Dam and the flows were back under 450cfs - that's not to say they won't ramp that up in the near future to reduce the lake levels but, for now, I'll take it.

Had my first 3 B hat trick...Brook, Brown and Bow ( Rainbow ), I know, it 's a stretch. The brookie was only about 4" and while very colorful, not photo worthy. On the other hand, the Brown and the Rainbow were nice fish.

Even with the high water levels that are dominating just about all of the river, there are still some spots that, with a little effort, provide some great opportunity to bring nice fish to net.

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