Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I think we're gonna need a bigger boat.

With the rain starting again and looking to continue for a couple more days, I am resigned to reading about fishing rather than actually doing some fishing.

I didn't have this blog back in May when I made my first, and hopefully not last, trip to the Upper Delaware River. Our high water conditions are making me think of the drift boat Mike and I spent 2 days floating...

This trip was my first real taste of wild trout fishing. Mike took this picture right before we started the 2nd day of our trip and within minutes...success...

Our guide from the Delaware River Club, Bruce, was kind enough to hold this slippery brown while Mike took a quick photo. Bruce humored me and Mike over our days together as we were like giddy school girls, wanting to take pictures of EVERY fish we caught...and I think we did!

I'm hoping to make this guided trip an annual event, so Jenn, if you are reading this...let me know if I am clear for 2012 :) - and Mike, once the boss clears me, I'm hoping you'll be up for the trip as well.

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