Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cloudy day with a chance of Rainbows...

Overall a pretty crummy day both work wise. Fortunately, I was afforded a brief trip to fast water that produced about a dozen yearling browns and 1 feisty Rainbow.

The fishing was tough today. Places that looked fishy, with all the right conditions, produced little and I was left scratching my head after working long stretches of water that I would have sworn to be more productive.

I was walking to one particular spot that I have fished about 6 times in the last month and each time, the bottom surrendered a beautiful brown trout. Now I'm left to wonder if I have landed the same fish a few times but it seems that there is always one to be found in this specific spot. As I approached the spot, ascending the slope was a spin fisherman with a beautiful 16"+ brown trout. We chatted briefly and he complained about the lack of action and the frustration of all the yearlings he was catching. I'm not sure if he noticed that I was fixated on the trout he had swinging from a hook. We parted ways and I hoped the guard rail down to the bank.

I proceeded to wade into position, a position that has shown me a brown before. Cast after cast, I came up empty with the exception of the now annoying yearlings. I couldn't help but wonder if his, soon to be dinner, was the brown that I have seen a few times before yet, will never see again.

I'm not sure what it is, but I just don't have it in me to take a catch from the river. I mean, how badly do you need the meal? Perhaps this is why I don't hunt either. In these days of all the governmental cutbacks and the potential impact on the stocking programs, holdovers and natives are even more important than ever...whenever possible Catch & Release.

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