Friday, January 6, 2012

Just good to get out.

I've never measure the success of any time spent fishing by the number or size of fish caught. Rather, I look to see how clear my head is when I get back to the car. This was one of those days...I drove toward my goal with the anticipation a child feels as they walk into a candy store. While I did have some time constraints on this day, I was excited that the weather could not have been better for this time of year and I was finally going to road test my new wading boots.

Maybe this is a bit premature however, I am digging the new boots. The Boa lacing system, on the Simms Rivertek, was ridiculously easy to use and slipping the boots on and off was a breeze. Tightening the " laces " gave me a real custom fit feel around my feet and ankles. While I  did put the AlumiBite Star Cleats into the treads, I am going to also order and install the Hardbite Star Cleats as well. I think the overall grip will be greater with the additional cleats.
Simms Hardbite Star Cleat

I did enjoy the fact that I could be out in January without having to battle lots of shelf ice as the areas I fished were lacking this obstacle. What I also realized today is, I need to look at fishing in cold weather as a completely new undertaking. While I went out in cold weather a few times last year, I am really looking to develop into an angler who can fish productively in all elements. Cold weather is a whole different ball game and boy, do I need some coaching.

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