Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Food for thought.

Wow...Happy New Year! 2012, another turn of the final month of the calendar and we have another year for the history books. With the temps in single digits today, I have decided to pass on a much needed trip to the river and work instead...novel idea.

The last days of 2011 were not kind to my household. My wife was the victim of a small hole, dug near the deck by one of the dogs...who looks guilty? I'll give you a hint...it's the black dog...
The resulting tumble left her with a broken leg...what a way to end / start the year. So, as you would expect of any Irish / Italian family, mine began to show up with food and lots of it! Stuffed shells, meatballs, spinach bread, sausage & peppers, Shepard's Pie...I could go on but I am salivating on the keyboard enough already. Partaking of all this comfort food got me to thinking about all the great recipes floating around our family.

Shortly after I was married, my mother gave my wife a family cookbook chock full of her recipes and some of those given to her. Sadly, I am left to wonder about the fate of many of these delights. While valiant attempts have been made, I don't know who could duplicate the Easter Bread that my mother makes or the spinach bread for that matter. Growing up, my family was not overly nostalgic or one for traditions, which might explain why the traditions of my young family mean so much to me however, nothing can bring you back to a time or place like a familiar meal.

Allow me to share just a few of my favorite things...may you enjoy them as much as I have should you try them out.
often imitated, never duplicated
A holiday favorite
I could live on this alone

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