Thursday, January 12, 2012

Customer service at its best!

Hats of to Simms for a recent customer service experience that was second to none.

I received a pair of Rivertek Boa boots for Christmas and I purchased some cleats for the soles. If you follow the Simms suggested pattern, you need a total of 18 cleats and they are sold in packages of 16. I know, over time, I may lose one or two, if they work themselves loose before I notice however, I didn't feel like buying another package of 16. I emailed Simms customer service, explained my situation and requested if it was possible to purchase 2 individual cleats.  About 5 days passed and I was surprised to have not received any word from them regarding my enquiry. I returned home from a business trip yesterday and was surprised to have a small envelope from Simms on my desk...enclosed - 2 cleats and some Simms stickers.  It may seem like something small however, being in sales myself, I understand the value of this simple gesture and there are a lot of companies out there that could take a lesson for how Simms chose to address my initial enquiry. Hats off to the folks in Bozeman and thank you!

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