Monday, January 30, 2012

Farewell my friend...

It only took about 30 minutes and I was able to off load a friend of mine and notch my first brown of the year.

so happy to see this guy...
can you find me?
This fish was taken on medium to slow water, on the seam and the take was, by far, the most subtle I have ever experienced. It's as if the fly drifted up and slid right into the trout's waiting mouth. Luckily, right after the take, the fish rolled toward the opposite bank and the white underbelly confirmed my suspicion...fish on! There really is nothing like it...I don't care how many fish I land, how cold the weather is, how rain soaked I become...when you are alone on the river, there is nothing as exhilarating as the tug on your line followed by the first view of your opponent.
just a dusting to remind us it's winter
A beautiful day, a little bushwhacking to get where I wanted to be, no shelf ice to contend with and only a sporadic gust of wind...now, if I had only remembered my thermos of Dunkin Donuts hazelnut coffee, the perfect day would have been in the books...alas, I happily bid farewell to my friend Pepe'...29 days...given all that has been thrown my way this month, I'll take it!
until next year...


  1. Glad you were able to drift a fly or two.
    The waters look cold, but that brown will chase the cold.

  2. Thanks Alan...cold or not...felt damn good to sneak out for a bit...

  3. glad to see you got out and fortunate enough to bring fish to hand. Congrats. Those days when you are alone and have the space to do as you pelaase are rare.

    1. Thanks Passinthru...seems like it's the cold days when you have the place to yourself!