Thursday, January 26, 2012

In need of a fix.

Recent days have found me doing all those things that keep life interesting. My wife is still out of commission with her broken right leg which leaves me pulling double duty. Certainly no complaints, as it makes me realize how much she does as a stay at home mom...certainly underpaid. Spending the day in court, in Bedford Hills NY, fighting a speeding ticket also does nothing for your sanity. However, my streak of successfully negotiating moving violations down to the lowest possible infraction and paying almost nothing remains intact. The highlight of court was the Judge asking me, because I showed up in a suit and tie, if I was a lawyer...I replied that I was not, that I was in sales but I guess you could consider that the same thing...this brought a smile to the Judge's face and a further reduction in the fine as he appreciated that I took the time to drive from my home in CT to NY for the court date.

We are also in the beginning phase of having our basement finished. Sadly, our basement is already finished but the previous owners did every home improvement project on the cheap and, over the last 5 years in this house, we have fixed their mistakes. Fortunately, my involvement in this project is limited to writing the checks so, all in all, not that bad. I did have to fill a 5 yard dumpster with crap that needed to be purged after having it follow us around from New Hampshire to Connecticut. If we hadn't needed it over the past 5 years, off it went into the dumpster.

One of the bright spots this week, besides the continued unseasonably warm weather, was the arrival of a new reel...well, new to me that is.
Hatch 4 Plus
I've heard consistent rave reviews for Hatch reels however, with 2 little kids, certain discretionary purchases sometimes take a back seat. I was fortunate to come across a couple posted for sale on the TPO forum. The price for the 4 Plus was just right and I decided to pull the trigger as I knew neither reel would last long. Aside from a few small signs of use, this reel is in great condition and i can't wait to get out and give it a spin. As I have only managed to get out a couple times in January, I figure I have a handful of days to get on the water and drown the skunk that is following me around.

don't get to comfy Pepe...

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