Sunday, February 12, 2012

Trout on canvas.

One of my sister's friends is an art teacher and, at the beginning of 2012, she embarked on a project of putting paint to canvas everyday in order to create 1 unique piece of artwork for each day of the year. I started bugging my sister with the suggestion of painting a fish as I would imagine it might become difficult to think of something new to paint each day.

Not only was Heidi gracious enough to produce a wonderful piece of artwork, my sister was kind enough to purchase a reproduction for me. LouLou made the drive up to my place this morning and presented the gift to me. I know she was dying to see it however, since it was a gift for me, I told her I had to be the one to open it first. Ha, the pain in the ass brother that I am.

to be proudly hung as soon as I find a nail
Unfortunately, my photo does not do this piece justice as there is almost a 3 dimensional feel to the water around the fish. My thanks to Heidi for humoring me and to my sister for the wonderful gift.

Be sure to take a look at Heidi' website for more examples or her work.


  1. She is very talented, that's for sure.


  2. Beautiful.
    She is very talented.

    Well done Heidi.

    1. Thanks Shoreman!

      Thanks Alan, her painting project reminds me of Streamers 365.