Friday, February 3, 2012

Normally, I hate the cold...

Although I am a life long New Englander, I am not a winter person...give me anything that resembles any other time of year besides winter and I'm a happy camper. Oddly, due to fishing, I've begun to make piece with Ol' Man Winter and days like today certainly contribute the that state of detente that I am now experiencing.
Temps in the low to mid 30's and a cloudless blue sky made this day promising if for no other reason than the lack of snow on the ground. I began nymphing a tandem rig with a mid-size brown/yellow woven nymph and quickly realized that this anchor was not getting to the bottom. I switched to a fairly generic yet buggy and heavy anchor with a BHPT trailing. That was the ticket...

This was a strange day, as I actually had the time to wander and fish yet I did not have to cover more than a couple hundred feet of water and I had all the action I could have hoped had I fished an entire day. I worked the same rig for about an hour and had consistent action the entire time landing both browns and 1 rainbow. I've had some decent days in the past however, on those days, the fish were plentiful yet on the smaller size. In this case, the fish were all nice sizes, in the range of 14" to 18".

this bow was well fed...
the perfect remedy for cold hands...
I'm still shaking my head as I can only hope that days like this are a sign of things to come.


  1. Well done Steve.
    Those fish are real chill busters.

    1. Thanks Alan...this mild weather is really something...