Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's your move...

One of the things I like about fly-fishing is that it reminds me a lot of a game I don't get to play that often...chess. My father taught me how to play when I was little and I love the game. Just about anything that requires some sort of strategy will keep me interested and chess is my favorite. No two games are alike. Your first move today might be offensive or perhaps a defensive response. I've played numerous games of chess against the computer and never had a match that was even close to one that I had played previously.

I feel the same way on the water. Fishing a spot that, very recently, surrendered fish without hesitation, turned into a battle of the stubborn angler, played by yours truly, versus the cold and wind. Seldom will I head back to an area that produced so well. Normally, my next trip out will be a new spot or someplace that I have not be in a while. Yet, here I was, colder than I anticipated, but optimistic and in the same general area. With the cloud cover hanging around, the wind picking up and the sun looking like a no show, I thought I was in for a long one. After thawing my toes, the sun made an appearance and I began working a stretch of slow water. Missed two on the very end of the drift as I let the flies go directly downstream of my position. Had I reacted a little faster, I would have had one but I think the cold was slowing me down a bit.

I was able to bring a couple to net and as long we practice catch & release, we'll all have worthy adversaries for our next move.


  1. Very nice trout! Yes, catch and release is a must in some waters. But every now and then it's nice with a good meal of trout.

    Have fun with your challenges (I'm also a chess fan),

  2. Winter highlights, cold wet fingers, slow reactions, but still some beauties to hand.
    Nicely done.

  3. I never learned how to play chess but I do understand the concept. As a new fly fisherman (really new) it does make sense to me how the two coralate.

  4. Great pics ad blog you got here! I just found VIA T!

    You got a new follower.


  5. Hello, found your blog and followed. JGR

  6. Mike over at T! said give you a shout. Got you on my blogroll under "Our fly fishing friends" and will follow along as you post. Stop in if you have a chance and say HI.


    Mark (Shoreman) Northern California Trout

  7. The Jassid Man:
    Thanks for stopping by...hopefully you'l be on the water soon.

    Brk Trt:
    Thanks Alan...I'll take cold fingers over frozen laces anytime!

    I'm only about 5 years into fly fishing...love it, stick with it!

    G Lech:
    Thanks for stopping by, glad you like the blog...


    Thanks Mark, T! is one of my favorites...I travel a bunch so we'll certainly stop if in the area.