Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Simple Things

Some days, I think it's way to easy to get caught up in the grind of everyday life. To many wonderful things can pass us by while we are preoccupied by trivial matters. This past week was full of so many simple things that, taken individually, each one would have been great by itself however, I had some very simple things provide me a lot of pleasure this week.

Fishing with my buddy Mike in Vermont was a blast. That was only a precursor of the rest of a great week to come. Today marked the end of my oldest son's baseball season. I have been fortunate to coach his Farm ball team for a 2nd year. This year, we had a great bunch of kids, good parents and an amazing season.
Hot Rods...coolest Farm team name ever!
After our final game today, my little Hot Rod had a birthday party to attend and my youngest has been asking me, for 2 weeks, to take him out fishing. So, after Mom set off to taxi Declan to the festivities, Nate and I headed for the Farmy. Spin and fly rods in hand, we found some easy water where we could just hang out. Since Nate is a wee bit young to be wading, we fished from the banks and I started us at a spot that I knew would be productive.

top that dad!
Notice that, in the above image, he's wearing my glasses. We had been fishing for a few minutes when I landed a decent brown. It was at that point that Nate walked up to me and demanded my sunglasses as he is convinced that they have some special power to find fish...perhaps he is right?

One the eve of Father's Day, this is one of those days that I will file away and reach back for the memory when I start to get swamped by the trivial things. I have been blessed with 2 spectacular young boys, each amazing in the own way. Boys, don't forget to take the time to enjoy that which is most important...your family. I blinked and you turned 8 Declan and now Nate will be 7 next week. I am afraid to blink again for I fear you will be older than I am ready to accept. It will indeed be a Happy Father's Day for me as I hope it will be for all of you!

I almost forgot to mention that Wednesday early morning was off the charts for streamer action. I'm beginning to sound like a broken record but the H-A snare streamer struck again...and again...and again. I was on the water by 5am with plans to stay about 3 hours as I had meetings during the day. The fishing was so good over the first 90 minutes that I actually walked away on a hot streak. The piggy below taped out at 21" and was solid. 


  1. Good stuff dad and son.
    Happy Fathers Day

  2. Happy Fathers Day Steve. Don't blink, they grow up too fast.


    1. Thanks Mark...it's scary, you don't realize how fast until you have kids of your own!

  3. Steve,

    Great post, and Happy Fathers Day to you my friend. When you get around to it, send that picture of the piglet brown, I have a post forthcoming with your fishies at front and center

  4. Thanks Rich and a Happy Dad's day to you as well...hope you had as good a day as me. I'll zip the pics over shortly...thanks. I might need to order up a few of the bigger streamers and try to give them a shoot!