Monday, June 25, 2012

Not bad for a Monday.

Usually,  Monday, for many, signals start of a new week and heading back to the grind. Today was a nice exception to that rule. For starters, my youngest celebrated his 7th birthday today and I spent the day celebrating along with him. My wife and I did chuckle this evening as we sat at a local Hibachi restaurant, the birthday boys choice. When I was a kid, maybe it was dinner at Friendly's or Mickey D's - this kid chooses hibachi.
oh to be 7 again...
I'm kind of working backwards as hibachi is how we ended the day...now, on the the middle of the day. For the past several years, we have supported our local CSA, Holcomb Farm, and each week, we receive whatever the farm has produced for that week. Due to local politics and B.S. at Holcomb Farm, we did not purchase our share with them this year. Instead, we decided to try Rosedale Farm in Simsbury. What a fantastic choice as my wife made our first pick up today.

doesn't get much fresher than this
Along with a beautiful selection of fruits and vegetables this week, part of the deal is a 10% discount at their farm store...excellent...they have good looking cheese and wines from their vineyard. I can't wait to see what the rest of the season brings!

Now, on the the morning mail delivery. I had ordered a bunch of streamers from Rich Strolis, http://www.catching-shadows.com/catching-shadows/Home.html and I was anxiously awaiting their arrival. My trusty letter carrier did not disappoint as the package arrived in a timely fashion, from Rich, as usual.
breakfast anyone?
Heading out well before sunrise tomorrow to give these bad boys a go. I'm hoping that I'll have some good news to report in the very near future! Well Monday, I say you have set the bar pretty high for the remainder of the week. May yours be as good as mine...tight lines all!


  1. Fresh local veggies, and fresh local tied streamers.
    Your good people.

  2. Thanks Alan...buy local, fish local...no need to go far from home for wonderful quality in both produce and flies - very lucky in both regards!