Monday, May 7, 2012


There is really no other way to describe the takes this particular morning. There was nothing subtle about it, the takes were hard, immediate, on the swing, you name it, everything but gentle. I fished some great riffled water in the LTMA and was rewarded for my efforts.

an absolute beauty
With sunrise coming earlier each day, I can actually get out with the dawn, fish for a couple solid hours before heading to my workaday life. Not sure about these folks paying others for therapy when you have the free resource of a river that will help clear your head. The cost of my CT fishing license is some of the best money I spend each year. Perhaps this cost should be covered by my health insurance as a sort of preventative care plan. I take comfort in early mornings, spent alone, on the river and I find that I actually carry on conversations with the fish that I land or, in some cases, the ones I don't net. I'll converse with the passing of a duck or bird and the occasional eagle. 

a torpedo on the swing
I also find it interesting that I will sometimes come upon other anglers, either walking or in the water, and they will choose to pass by with barely a word. Now, those that know me best understand that I am not the most social being however, would a " hello " actually kill you? Many of my non-angling friends already assume that fly fishing lends itself toward an elitist attitude and my coming across some gents, outfitted head to toe in all sorts of gear, only reinforces the thoughts of my friends. I know this to be to the contrary as I have met and fished with some really nice people but, all to often, they walk by with their head's up their ass. I guess that's ok, as it keeps me from having to tell them I had a good morning and let them figure out what flies are working on their own.

an immediate take
I am left to start that other part of my day, knowing that I am fortunate for today and hopeful for tomorrow.


  1. It's wonderful you have the time to take advantage of CT's great resources. That 1st brown, wow.

    1. That's for sure Alan...I grew up in CT however, it wasn't until I returned 5 years ago that I "discovered" the Farmington - we are indeed fortunate.