Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A friend's driveway.

Somewhere back around 1991, I met a girl in the driveway of a close friend's house. She was a high school senior, dating someone at the time, one of those "macho" high school guys and I was all of a college sophomore, older and worldly. Such a small world, we actually attended the same high school and I dated one of her friends for a short time.

As fate, karma, luck or whatever you want to call it, would have it, we ended up in that same driveway that fall evening. I'll spare you all the exact details and skip to the part where I end up in the hospital later that night due to being hit in the eye with an egg...yes, an egg...and getting knocked out and losing sight in my right eye for a few days. This young girl came to the emergency room with me and kept me form freaking out while the doctors removed pieces of egg shell from my eye...yes, there might have been alcohol involved in this story.

Shortly thereafter, we began dating and, on May 30, 1997, we were married. Today celebrates 15 years of marriage to an unbelieveable woman. Sadly and somehow ironically, I am celebrating by myself, in Las Vegas, due to work conferences.

I couldn't resist...
My wife is a good woman. Those who know me best understand that remembering where you come from is very important to me. Those first years of marriage, we didn't have a pot to piss in. We were living just outside of Boston, paying to much rent and generally robbing Peter to pay Paul. I wasn't really happy in my job at that time and sometimes brought that attitude home from work...those first years were tough. I wasn't easy to live with and sometimes I'm still not easy but at the core of it all, we both know we love each other. I couldn't do it without her. As those first years passed, I changed jobs, we moved to New Hampshire and settled into a better groove...still robbing Peter but enjoying life together.

Somewhere around 2001 we bought our first house finally started to stay above water. We had a couple of dogs, some good friends, a canoe and life seemed to be ok. Fast forward to 2012 and I find myself celebrating 15 years with a woman who has grown into a great mom and an even better partner. I am fortunate that, over the years, with some hard work, life has been kind to us. We are still together, have a couple of dogs, some good friends, add in 2 great boys and, oh yeah, a canoe!

I could go on with stories and memories for days however, I am going to end this entry by simply saying " Thank you and I love you! "


  1. God Bless.
    May you both have many more years of happiness.

    1. Thanks Alan. Always to try remind myself just how blessed we are.

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    1. Thanks Steve...I appreciate the good wishes.

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    1. Thanks for continuing to check back in...

  4. What an eloquent tribute about a great woman. No one could be happier that, despite it all, things are really going your way. You both are, as they say, one coin with two sides, balancing the two boys on the edge of that coin.

    I don't know who's luckier. But the boys sure are!


  5. a little luck and a little hard work.