Saturday, December 17, 2011

Product review.

About a year ago, I purchased an L.L. Bean wading jacket with Gore-tex Paclite fabric. Every Gore-tex product I have used in the past has been fantastic and lived up to its billing.

On the Bean website, this jacket received rave reviews and, to this day, continues to enjoy close to 100% satisfaction from a large enough group of purchasers. Each time I have worn this jacket in the rain, maybe 6 or 7 occasions, the pockets fill with water and the seams get the really wet look like they are just saturated and ready to fail. Mind you, I am not out fishing in gale force rainstorms. This occurs in light to medium rainfall and has left me very disappointed with this jacket.

While the overall style, fit and storage are adequate, the actual performance of the jacket is not up to snuff. I am curious how all of their website reviews are from customers who just rave about the great features and performance of the jacket. Overall, a thumbs down for this particular product.

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