Thursday, December 15, 2011

Location, location, location...

Like prime real estate, I've learned that fishing is sometimes all about location. I spent a little time around some notoriously good water as the flows below the damn are finally back to a wadeable number, around 450cfs. Each spot had me standing about 4 feet from the bank and I could not help staring at the water on the opposite bank. There was more slack water, better seams and overall, a more leisurely flow. The trouble was going to be getting to the other side. I ended up walking about 1/2 mile upstream and finding a spot where I was comfortable walking across the river.

Contrary to proper technique, I really didn't feel like walking back downstream only to turn around and begin fishing my way back up so I fished my way downstream. I was rewarded, almost immediately, for my efforts...
fly lipped just right...
There were tiny Olives coming off the water and I continued to nymph a 2 fly rig with a Vladi woven grub anchor and a BHPT trailing. Both of the Browns took the smaller BHPT and I landed 1 greedy little Rainbow who took the larger of the 2 flies.
I fished the yellow / brown version of this guy
In recent weeks, I have been snagging a lot of branches and debris sub-surface so I have been subject to many false alarms. My next strike was the real thing as the belly of the fish instantly flashed as it turned and bolted downstream. I let him run a bit and proceeded to reel in another nice Farmy brown.

At this point, the rain started coming down a little harder and it was time to begin the trek back to the car. I'm just happy that the flow was cut back to allow a trip out.

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