Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Driving down I95, I was headed to an appointment in Cranston RI. I had been listening to the Howard Stern Show when the first comments were made about a plane hitting the World Trade Center. Initial reports seemed to indicate that a small plane, perhaps a Cessna, had crashed into WTC, building 2.  For whatever reason, I did not change the station , thinking that this was an unfortunate situation, not an act that was going to change the face of our being for years, perhaps generations, to come.

Normally, a completely irreverant man, Howard Stern took on a very serious tone as this situation developed of the course of the early morning. I was just south of Providence when the gravity of the situation began to hit me. Still, having grown up not knowing an attack on US soil, or even a war that the United States was involved in, I thought this was a tragedy but not to the degree that was unfolding.

At some point during the car ride, I called my wife, at her office, and told her to get to a television. I decided to turn around and head home, foregoing the day's plans. Like most American's, I spent the remainder of the day and the next couple of days, glued to the television set.

For the next 10 years, I made it a point to not schedule travel to New York on September 11th. Not out of fear but rather respect. Respect for those whow ould be coming into the city for memorial services that will continue for years to come.

Today, I find myself working in New York. I purposely scheduled appointments that would keep me out of Manhattan. However, as I drove to my second appointment, in Bayside Queens, I was taken on a path that provided a direct view of the new World Trade Center Tower out my driver's side window. I could not help but think of that day and all of the people who were, and still are, affected by this infamous day.

I do not directly know anyone who lost their life that day. I do however think of Ray Metz every 9/11. Ray was a friend of my brother's and he left behind a wife and 2 young girls. Undoubtedly, Ray went to work oblivious to the what the day had in store. I had met Ray a few times at various family functions at my brother's place. I can recall seeing his daughters playing with my niece's. One can only hope his and all of the families impacted will, one day, find peace.

Photo credit: Dan Lynch

Where were you? So we may always remember.

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