Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A day of firsts.

I recently purchased two Redington Minnow 5/6 wt fly rods for my boys. As much as I really like to support my local fly shop, I was able to purchase 2 rods for the price of 1 through Sierra Trading Post's website. For a kid, how can you beat a rod, reel, line, backing and leader for $49 per rod...hell, as the purchaser, how could I beat that price.

I have to hand it to Redington for putting a decent set up out there that allows you to introduce kids to fly fishing without breaking the bank. I tried my hand at casting the Minnow across the front yard and was pleasantly surprised by the solid action of this rod. After a Saturday of modest casting instruction on the front yard, we headed out to Black Rock State Park in Thomaston for some action. I figured this would be a great place to start given the amount of smallies and sunfish in the pond...I really just wanted to boys to feel that first tug on the line.

We arrived at the pond and I tied one a meaty looking Hare's Ear to each leader. Initially, I spent my time bouncing back and forth dealing with tangles and knots however, each boy finally started to get it. I was attending to Nate when Declan's voice permeated the morning air and low and behold - FISH ON.
First on a fly rod.
Size was of no consequence as the look of accomplishment on his face made every tangle worth it. I don't think I have ever seen him more proud of himself as he cast and hooked this little smallie all on his own!

Not to be outdone, Nate was soon into a fish of his own. Again, with the exception of a little help removing the hook, Nate's fish was all his own work. This kid has me worried...he is focused, determined and already seems like he has the bug...I better lock up my Z-Axis.
couldn't be more proud!
This was the first time both boys caught fish with no help from me. As much as I tried to find an area around the pond that would make for easy casting, they still had some trees to contend with and, in the end, they did just fine! I'm looking forward to playing this scene out over and over again as time rolls on...


  1. Nice stuff.
    Your purchase was the right way to go, especially with kids. As they grow and if they still have the desire then Dad can buy them a Z-Axis.
    Tell them great job on the outing.

  2. Thanks Alan...it was a great deal on those Redington's for sure!