Friday, April 27, 2012


As often as I can, I try to remind myself of the places I've been. I don't mean places in a geographical sense rather, places in life. I'm in a very fortunate place these days - a good job, a home, 2 wonderful boys and a wife of almost 15 years and yes, a love of fly fishing. Sometimes, to much time passes and it takes a news story or an article online to put me back in my place. I've spent much of my free time, in recent weeks, planning and prepping for a fishing trip that is coming up this weekend. How lucky am I that my biggest concern, at the moment, is the water levels of the river I will be fishing.

I was surfing the web this evening and came across an article about a bucket list. While this would not be the first time I have read articles about someone's list, it is the first time I read an article about a bucket list for a 5 month old child.

I spent some time reading, first, about the child's disease and then, scrolling through the posts that make up her blog. As the blog is written from her point of view, I am reminded of just how fortunate I am in my own life. I am left to wonder just how it is that the cards fall one way for one person and another way for someone else. How is it that each of us is born into the place we call our life and we move through our days with each decision helping chart the course of where we will go? Strangely, I ponder that very question quite often. Why is it that I am the one driving to a business meeting and he is the one standing by the intersection looking for a handout? Why I am walking down a sidewalk in Manhattan in a suit, passing an elderly woman sleeping on the sidewalk?

I am fortunate to have friends from all walks of life however, my favorite people continue to be those who  are self made. People who were not handed what they have, not those who were members of the lucky sperm club. I enjoy people who have not forgotten where they came from - it's ok to be in a new place, just don't forget where you've been.


  1. Nice piece. Couldn't agree with you more, I try to stop and once a week and recognize just what your conveying. I see many from all walks of life in my other profession and it is a cool reminder of how fortunate I truly am. Great read, and have a great trip.

    1. Thanks Rich...Delaware Day 1 was awesome!

  2. Definite point well taken.
    Not a member of the LSC here,
    just a person playing with the hand which was dealt me.
    Reminds me of a circle.
    Concentrate on the inside,
    because the outside is what you cannot control.