Thursday, March 22, 2012

Orvis should offer a rehab clinic.

So let's see, we are in the midst of one of the best stretches of March weather I have ever seen and the CT DEEP started stocking earlier as a result of this warm up. Have I fished a single day this month? Nope! When you start a new job I have a feeling that taking a personal day so soon would be frowned upon. So, here I am, left to wander through pictures of catches past...sometimes wandering is good because you find pictures like this one - Don't worry, no fish were harmed in the taking of that photo.
Bear's first Farmy Bow, with a little help
When I have had prolonged stretches of time, anything beyond a week, when I haven't been able to fish, I wonder what people do to satisfy the desire to hit the water. First, I have concluded that blogging doesn't take the edge off. I have however, decided that Orvis should consider offering some sort of rehab clinic, preferably far, far away from fishable waters. At the very least, a hotline to get you through until you are able to wet a fly...I guess that's what the podcasts are for.

On the plus side, I learned this week that 2 of the accounts that I am responsible for are L.L. Bean and Orvis...talk about bringing the drugs directly to the addict! I wonder if I can set up a payroll deduction directly to Orvis?
gratuitous Delaware River brown image
The image above is from a trip to the Delaware last year. This brown, the largest of I landed on a dry, was taken during the early part of the Hendricksen hatch. 

On yet another positive note, I've begun to make arrangements for the 2nd annual Delaware float trip that will be coming up in about 5 weeks. What a difference a year makes...in 2011, I was freaked out by the crazy amounts of snow and rain we received early in the year. My trip was almost cancelled due to water that was to high to float safely. This year, I find myself looking at the complete reverse situation. The lack of snow and precipitation, in general, have many areas flowing below seasonal norms. It's somewhat rare that I really splurge on myself however, after the pure enjoyment of last year's trip, I decided to make this an annual event. I booked the trip through the Delaware River Club and was really pleased with the entire process. The guys at the shop are serious about fishing and I got a kick out of how much they enjoyed looking at the "fish porn" or rather, the pictures from each day's float. I'm hoping to reserve the same guide again as well. Bruce knows how to handle a drift boat and when to provide the necessary instruction without making you feel foolish. Five weeks can't pass fast enough at this point...

Hopefully, I'll be dumping this monkey from my back this weekend and will try to hit the river while the action is still hot. I can't blow my plan to catch, at least, 1 Farmington brown each month this year...



  1. Good luck getting out! I finally got my first trout last week. Need to get back on the water this weekend.

    1. Thanks Steve...I finally broke through this morning...did the 5:45 - 8am run on the Farmington. Couple great bows and a feisty brown to net. Good to be on the board for March!


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  3. Fish porn.

    Now THAT'S funny!