Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

May your holidays be full of good cheer, good friends and good food.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Sometimes it's about the journey.

A recent day found the stars aligned and I was able to make the short ride to the Farmington River for some fishing. Blue skies, no winds and temperatures warm enough to make the fishing enjoyable.

This was my first trip out since breaking my leg 6 weeks ago and I was, to say the least, very tentative as I waded around. The mild day found many other anglers on the water so, as I am prone to doing, I wandered around, looking for waters left alone by others. I wanted to fish, I wanted to not worry about splashing to much if I stumbled in the water and I wanted to reflect. Today, there were no fish brought to net and no fish porn images will make there way to this entry - mostly because I did not catch any and had forgotten to recharge the camera battery. Even though I have been cleared by the doctor to get back into action 100%, with the warning of " Just don't be stupid", I tied the boots extra tight, made sure not to forget the polarized lenses and stepped gingerly over every rock I encountered.

Perhaps I was paying to much attention to where I stepped and not enough to the stretches of water I fished. I went to a couple of "go to" locations as it's been about 2 months since I had a bend in the rod. Everything looked right, my knots were tight, my sighter was coiled and I felt good. Or did I?

As much as I was right where I wanted to be, at that moment, I felt overwhelmingly preoccupied.

The thought of 20 small children and 6 brave adults continued to waft in and out of my mind. As a Connecticut resident and father of 2 young boys, the tragic circumstances of 12/14/12 have left a deeper wound than all similar acts of the past. Like many, I have spent time trying to make sense of what has happened and, like many, I cannot.

So this day, as I stand knee deep in cold waters, I am not disheartened by the absence of fish as I now they are still in the water. I am saddened by the lose of 26 individuals and the burden that will now be carried by their loved ones. May these young children, now resting, look after their parents and siblings and may we not forget those lost on this very sad December morning.