Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fishable waters

While most of the Farmington River is completely blown out and not fishable due to Hurricane Irene, there is a decent section below the Goodwin Dam that was in good shape this morning. Those who know me know that I am not a  morning person and my wife often says I must love fishing to get up early to enjoy the sunrise and solitude. Today was one of those mornings, 51 degrees when I left the house and I was rewarded with a beautiful rainbow trout.

I was also scared stiff by the shriek of a bald eagle that flew out of a tree above one of the runs I was casting to...what a beautiful sight...makes getting out of bad that early worthwhile.

American Indians and payback?

So I have a meeting with a client at the Mohegan Sun Casino this morning and as I am leaving, I realize I have no gas. I pull into the station, still on the reservation, slide my credit card and it is as that point that I realize the price per gallon.

After I put just enough gas in to get me home, I started to wonder how they could justify this price given the avg ppg is right around $3.75 - the sign also struck me as odd in that is claims that all taxes are included. Why are they collecting taxes...it's a reservation??? Is this our payback for plundering the Indians?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hi, my name is Steve and I'm an addict.

As Hurricane Irene rained down on us and our power decided to take a vacation early in the day, I came to the startling realization that I am an addict. There, I said it, it's out in the open, I have a problem.

My belief in this condition was solidified this morning as I stood by the coffee pot somehow hoping that there was a brew button that said light speed and a nozzle where I could hook up IV tubing to mainline the coffee directly into my body.  I guess it could be worse...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Felonious Munk...be warned...

As much as I thought about keeping this blog G rated, this YouTube clip was to funny not to share with as many people as possible. While the language gets a little tough, for some, the message is all to true.


Camping, Fishing and S'mores

Fortunately, I was able to sneak in some camping and fishing before the hurricane arrives full force. The bass fishing was fantastic with well over 40 fish caught over 2+ days on the water. There were even a few "doubles" brought to net.

The boys spent some time playing in the river and even helped land a fish that I caught.

And what would any camping trip be without S'mores.

Hurricane Irene

Ok, so my mother-in-law's name is Irene, coincidence, I'm not sure.

Looks like this on might be on par with Floyd and possibly Gloria but either way, it's going to be a long couple of days until this thing blows through.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


While the East Coast, in particular New England, is well suited to handle Nor' Easter's we were woefully unprepared for the aftermath of yesterday's 5.8 magnitude earthquake. The devastation is clearly evident in the following photos and I can only hope that FEMA and the Red Cross respond quickly.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Arlington National Cemetery

I have the good fortune to travel a fair amount for my job. I have been to 9 different countries and about 35 States thus far. Yet, in all my travels, no place strikes more of a chord than trips to the Washington DC area. 

Each trip, time permitting, I try to work in a visit, however brief, to Arlington National Cemetery. I have never been so moved by the combined beauty and sorrow that are present at the same place. Having made my first visit only a few short years ago, ANC has become a great equalizer to the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Having always had a fascination and appreciation for the military, Arlington is a reminder that every one of us lives the life we have based on the sacrifice of those buried in this National landmark.

It also serves as a reminder that, as I walk thru the newer sections of the grounds, that the United States is still at war. Whatever you politics, we should all take time to remember those who are and have served to allow us the freedoms we enjoy.

I would urge all who have the opportunity to visit Arlington and take some time to walk the grounds and offer up silent appreciation to those names you view as you walk by.

Get your fishin' in now...

Wow...take a look at this...this one looks like it has the potential to blow out the water for a bit so you better get your fishing fix over the next few days. Let's hope it isn't as bad up this way as it looks...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rained Out

Well, the early Monday morning trip to the river with my neighbor looks to be off for tomorrow and I am glad I won't be in a position to fish for the next few days because it looks like we are going to get blasted. Maybe this will hang a little to the south and not blow out the rivers...I actually have a day lined up next week to fish the Housy and would like to be able to wade!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thumbs up for Meadow Asian Cuisine

Our first dinner without the kids in who knows how long found us at Meadow Asian Cuisine in Simsbury CT. Simply put, the food was excellent and my sushi / sashimi was perfect. Great service, nice decor and a tasty raspberry cheesecake rounded out a very nice evening. I would recommend this Meadow to anyone who enjoys Asian cuisine, in particular, the sushi.

Are we ready for another President from Texas?

Not that Texas hasn't provided enough to the United States experience, they are now offering up Rick Perry as a 2012 Presidential hopeful. However, of the 7 changes that Gov. Perry would make to the Constitution, I actually agree with his point that the Government should be required to balance the budget EVERY year...hell, I have to balance my checkbook every month...

However, I digress...let us not forget the last President to come from Texas...

What is it with corn dogs and Presidential hopefuls?

Ok, somebody needs to let all our Presidential candidates know that nothing good can ever come from a corn dog photo op.

Friday, August 19, 2011

$2300 worth of white strips? Really?

So if you were going to go through the effort of committing a crime would it be to steal $2300 worth of Crest White Strips? That's just what some genius in New Haven stole from his local Walmart recently.  I know baby formula is under lock and key because it's so damn expensive and some people just can't afford it however, that's another story.

I also enjoy being "carded" at the grocery store when I try to buy certain children's medicine just in case I end up being a guy who is running a meth lab from his closet.

But $2300 worth of white strips? Who needs teeth that bright? Is there a thriving black market for white strips?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kids and Cameras

So we bought each of the boys digital cameras thinking it would be something fun for them. As it turns out, I'm not sure what's more fun...them taking pictures or me downloading the pictures they have taken after I borrowed their camera...quite an interesting perspective.

Michelle Bachmann for President??

I think she needs to hire a new PR team...

Appraisers in my house.

So I was informed today, by my wife, that our Town has hired a firm to conduct property appraisals to update the valuations on the books. The article in our local paper, informing town residents, states that the appraisers will conduct detailed reviews of every property and must be allowed in the residence.

I'm not sure about you but I have an issue with someone coming into my house. I can assure you that the town is not having new valuations down expecting assessments to go down, thereby lowering their property tax revenue.

Really, can someone honestly tell me why it is legal for someone to come IN to my house?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Inaugural blog post...

Not exactly sure how this will go, over time, but these are my musings on life, work, family and my new found joy...fly fishing.

I hope you enjoy and are able to take something enjoyable away from your visit.